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MiNO Liftboats Participate in First US Offshore Wind Farm Installation
Liliana Rodriguez | August 4, 2016

    America's first offshore wind farm, Deepwater Wind's pilot project, is under construction 3 miles off the coast of Block Island. Three liftboats of MiNO Marine design have been involved in the historic installation. Two of the liftboats are currently at work on the site at this very moment.  These liftboats are owned and operated by Montco Offshore.


    The L/B ROBERT went out in the fall of 2015 to help install the steel foundations for the wind turbines. As the designers of the L/B ROBERT, MiNO Marine was tasked with providing a site specific assessment to determine the risk of punch through during the installation of the jackets. 


    The two other liftboats currently working the Block Island windfarm installation are the L/B PAUL and the L/B CAITLIN. Although these two liftboats were not specially designed for the wind farm market, MiNO Marine aided in the quick conversion needed for them to be successful feeder vessels. As feeder vessels, the L/B PAUL and L/B CAITLIN are primarily responsible for transporting the wind farm cargo from ProvPort, RI to the wind farm site.  The conversion activities involved:

    • Feasibility studies

      Stability and motions analyses

      Design of the tower foundations to withstand transit loads

      Design of the cantilvers to effectively transfer the weight of the blades and blade carrier into the hull structure

      Managing regulator compliance

      Site specific foundation, leg strength, and elevated stability analyses


      L/B Paul 

      Liftboats are excellent vessels for wind  farm construction due to the large deck areas for cargo transport, large cranes, and the  ability to elevate above the water providing a stable work base. The MiNO team embraces new challenges and as the wind energy sector grows, we are working hard to be involved by designing new installation vessels, modifying existing vessels, and providing support and analysis to meet customer's needs.




• Vessel concept design

• Specifications development and review

• Hull form design and modeling

• General arrangement plan development

• Seakeeping studies

• Design optimization studies

• Computation Fluid Dynamics

• Model test planning, support and results analysis

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