Naval Architecture and Marine Professional Services

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Our Services

We cover the basics

• Hull form and arrangements development

• Floatation and stability analyses

• Structural arrangements and scantlings development

• Resistance and powering analyses

• Weight engineering

• Seakeeping analyses

• Piping system design & arrangement development

• Electric loads analyses and one-line diagram


• Machinery selection and purchase technical

   specification development

• Material take-offs and cost estimating

• Inclines and deadweight surveys


And we go beyond

• Multi-body dynamics simulations

• Mooring analyses

• Linear and non-linear finite element structural


• Modal analyses and dynamic structural analyses

• Structural stability analyses

• Impact analyses

• Lifting operations stability analyses

• Probabilistic damage stability analyses

• MODU structural design & analysis, as well as MODU

   stability analysis

• Computational fluid dynamics

• Production scheduling field engineering

• Owner’s representation

• Forensic analyses

• Professional marine photography

• Software development

• Model test planning and data analysis

• Vessel concept design

• Specifications development and review

• Hull form design and modeling

• General arrangement plan development

• Seakeeping studies

• Design optimization studies

• Computation Fluid Dynamics

• Model test planning, support and results analysis

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