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Quality Assurance

MiNO uses several different approaches to monitor and control quality.  These approaches are documented in procedures, technical guides and standards developed by MiNO.

Procedures are the most formal process documents that MiNO Marine uses.  First among these is the Employee Handbook, which lays out expectations for the way employees are expected to conduct themselves at work.  Three other procedures detail processes for the services that constitute the bulk of our business.  These procedures detail requirements for drawing control and issue along with structural modeling requirements for lofting and CNC program generation.  Every engineering design project that MiNO Marine executes requires the delivery of drawings to the client.  Some clients also employ MiNO to provide programs for their computer controlled cutting machines.  These procedures were created to ensure that quality of these products and services is consistently high.

MiNO Marine also develops and maintains a library of technical guides and standards.  These documents are intended to memorialize the most efficient methods for doing typical tasks associated with the most common services that are provided to clients.  Where procedures focus strictly on the quality of our work, technical guides and standards focus on documenting the most efficient approaches to accomplishing various tasks.  These standards have been created for complex tasks that often require the interactions of more than one analysis tool.  The processes documented in these standards and guides help ensure that designers, engineers and analysts complete the tasks consistently, reducing variations and helping to maintain high quality.

Ultimately, the quality of MiNO Marine’s work is ensured by the company’s checking and approval practices.  All senior managers at MiNO Marine have Professional Engineering licenses.  The board responsible for issuing these licenses has strict standards governing the practices that are to be followed by licensed engineers.  MiNO Marine, LLC, a licensed engineering firm, is required by law to follow the statute governing the delivery of engineering services.  MiNO’s procedures and technical guides and standards, combined with the rules and statutes governing professional conduct and responsibilities ensure that only high quality work products are delivered to our clients.