SeaPort e
Team Members

MiNO is the sole team member under the SeaPort e prime contract it was awarded.  MiNO is a small business Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering located in Greater New Orleans.  The firm first incorporated under the name David M. Bourg & Associates in 2004 with David Bourg as the principal member. Prior to 2004 Dr. Bourg operated as a sole proprietor. In 2006, Kenneth Humphreys joined the firm as a managing partner and the company took the name MiNO Marine. Naval architecture graduates from the University of New Orleans, Dr. Bourg and Mr. Humphreys undertook the steady growth of the company to incorporate a skilled staff capable of concept through production design (including Naval Architecture, structural, mechanical, and electrical design aspects), finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), hydrodynamic analysis, research and development programs, as well as many other marine professional services.

MiNO has access to a large network of engineering labor available as contingent employees. MiNO's in-house capabilities and network enables us to serve as a one-stop-shop for engineering services and our workforce can expand and contract rapidly building on our core staff depending on resource requirements.  Among our core staff of seventeen, many hold multiple degrees and seven are licensed Professional Engineers.

MiNO has experience working with many shipyards, vessel operators, and other clients in the Gulf Coast Region including universities, regulatory bodies, law firms, and engineering firms, among others.  To these clients, MiNO provides a variety of services one would expect of a Naval Architecture firm, such as:

Hull form and arrangements development.
Floatation and stability analyses.
Structural arrangements and scantlings development.
Resistance and powering analyses.
Weight engineering Seakeeping analyses.
Piping system design & arrangement development.
Electric loads analyses and one-line diagram development.
Machinery selection and purchase technical specification development.
Material take-offs and cost estimating.
Inclines and deadweight surveys.

Additionally, given our expertise in multiple areas we are able, and regularly do, provide more advanced services, such as:

Multi-body dynamics simulations.
Mooring analyses.
Linear and non-linear finite element structural analyses.
Modal analyses and dynamic structural analyses.
Structural stability analyses.
Impact analyses.
Lifting operations stability analyses.
Probabilistic damage stability analyses.
MODU structural design & analysis, as well as MODU stability analysis.
Computational fluid dynamics
Production scheduling field engineering.
Owner’s representation.
Forensic analyses.
Professional marine photography.
Software development.
Model test planning and data analysis.

With respect to ship mechanical systems, we routinely design, and develop drawings and analysis, for the following ship systems:

Bilge & Ballast.
Preload Ballast.
Fresh Water.
Cooling Systems.
Black Water.
Gray Water.
Fuel Oil Transfer.
Fuel Oil Service.
Compressed Air.
Fills, Vents, Sounds.
Firemain for Elevated Vessels (submersible pumps).
Liftboat/Jackup Spud Jetting System.

As part of our fabrication and production support services we develop structural assembly drawing packages that include assembly booklets, lofted and nested parts, and cut codes. Our piping production support services include development of A&D drawings and pipe spool drawings.

Rounding out our services, and reflecting the broad experience and training of our staff, we regularly provide electrical engineering services that include:

Diesel-Electric Concept and Functional Design Primary Voltage One-Line Diagram. Secondary Voltage One-Line Diagram & Distribution Panels.
Tertiary Voltage. (Lighting/Minor Loads) One-Line Diagram & Distribution Panels.
DC System One-Line & Distribution Panels.
AC & DC Electrical Power Load Analysis.
Electrical Equipment/Component Arrangement.
Voltage Drop Calculations.
Lighting System Plan (circuit and wiring arrangement, including receptacles).
Wireway Sizing & Routing Guidance.
Interior Communication Systems.
Alarm Equipment Placement.
Emergency Shutdown Systems.

At MiNO we use a variety of state of the art tools such as:

• MOSES, by Bentley for marine hydrodynamics, multi-body dynamics, stability, and structural analysis
• GHS, by Creative Systems for hydrostatics and stability analysis
• AutoDesk Simulation & Multiphysics, for structural finite element analyses, dynamics analyses, and computational fluid dynamics
• ShipConstructor, for production drawing development
• AutoCAD, for general drafting and designRhinoceros, for geometric modelingStar CCM+, by CD-Adapco for computational fluid dynamics
• OrcaFlex, by Orcina for large displacement slender body dynamic simulations
• NavCAD, by Hydrocomp for preliminary resistance and powering calculations
• A variety of in-house tools, for wind resistance on jackups, structural buckling, probabilistic stability, side launching, among others.

MiNO's services are not limited to desktop design and analysis and we often conduct vessel surveys, shipyard visits, and even embed staff in shipyards if the project calls for it. For the SeaPort e Program MiNO has offered to provide services in several functional areas including,

(1) Research and Development Support
(2) Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
(3) Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support
(4) Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
(5) System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support
(6) Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
(9) System Safety Engineering Support
(10) Configuration Management (CM) Support
(19) In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support
(20) Program Support

Please continue browsing our website to learn more about the services we offer and our experience and capabilities.