78' modified lugger tub

Nimbix Case Study

August 4, 2021

A naval architect and marine engineer, David Bourg worked in shipyards in the Gulf South region for years until 1997, when he started his own engineering and software development company. Today, MiNO Marine, LLC, performs full spectrum ship design, from blank pieceof-paper to production engineering, primarily for the offshore and oil and gas market. Recently the company has diversified into more specialized crafts, including high speed vessels, self-elevating boats for offshore wind construction and maintenance, dredging, and—most notably—inland river craft. Engineering design for river towboats hadn’t changed much in decades, and the major players had become comfortable. To break into this market, MiNO Marine had to develop a fundamentally different ship design. For that, he needed the resources of an HPC partner like Nimbix.

MiNO Marine’s diversification strategy required penetrating a mature market of well-respected ship designers and builders, so we needed to design more than just another towboat. JARVICE™ and the Nimbix Cloud accelerated our analysis capabilities in computational fluid dynamics, allowing us to deliver an all-new hull design based on modern engineering techniques. Ultimately, that differentiator sold our design to the market, and we had these new boats under construction inside a year.

David M. Bourg
PhD PE Founder and Managing Partner
MiNO Marine LLC

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