78' modified lugger tub

Subchapter M: Your Options and MiNO's Services

November 14, 2017
Chris Townsend, PE; and, David Muller, PE
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After more than a decade of regulatory development informed by an open dialogue with the marine industry, the U.S. Coast Guard has issued rules for the inspection of towing vessels under 46 CFR Subchapter M. The new regulations, which came into effect on June 20th 2016, establish safety regulations governing the inspection, seaworthiness, and safety management for towing vessels 26 feet or more in length. The new rules include minimum standards for the design, construction, record keeping, electrical and machinery requirements of new and existing U.S towing vessels. The rules also address safety and operations standards for vessel and onshore personnel, the use and approval of third-party auditors and surveyors, and procedures for obtaining Certificates of Inspection (COI).

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